Swirled Chocolate Peanut Butter Slice & Bake Cookies

A fun, simple vegan Christmas cookie recipe! You’ll love the swirls of peanut butter and chocolate dough, as well as the sugar coating!



1 cup natural peanut butter
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup cane sugar
6 Tbsp. unsweetened vanilla almond milk (+ more for the chocolate layer)
splash vanilla extract
1 cup Bob’s Red Mill Organic All-Purpose Flour (affiliate link)
1 tsp. baking soda
pinch salt (if your peanut butter is unsalted)
2 Tbsp. cocoa powder
extra cane sugar for rolling


  1. Add peanut butter and your two sugars to the bowl of your stand mixer with the paddle attachment. Beat well until creamy, 1-2 minutes. Scrape down the sides as needed.
  2. Add almond milk, vanilla, flour, baking soda, and salt, and mix until a dough forms. Remove 2/3 of the dough and place it in a medium bowl. Set aside.
  3. Add cocoa powder to the remaining 1/3 of your dough and mix until combine, adding a splash more almond milk to help it come together. 
  4. Layer your dough, starting with the peanut butter layer, by taking a chunk of dough and flattening it in a rough circle. I got about five layers. 
  5. Divide your dough in half, stack the halves on top of one another, and then twist and mix the dough slightly. The more the mix, the less defined your swirls will be.
  6. Form the dough into a tight 12-inch log, and wrap tightly with plastic wrap. Place in the fridge to set for at least four hours. 
  7. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment or a silpat.
  8. Roll your chilled dough in the extra cane sugar, then cut into 12 cookies (I discarded the end pieces). Lay your cookies on your prepped baking sheet and bake for 13-16 minutes, or until slightly golden around the edges.
  9. Allow to cool on the baking sheet for 10 minutes, then move to a cooling rack to cool completely. Store at room temperature or in the fridge (my fave!).


Idea from New York Times. Recipe adapted from Simple Veganista.

Keywords: vegan cookies, christmas cookies, peanut butter cookies

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