My Favorite End-of-Summer Sandwich

a vegan cheese, tomato, and pickle sandwich on a tray with potato chips

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This is the end-of-summer sandwich of my dreams! An herby dairy-free cheese spread, ripe heirloom tomatoes, dill pickles, and toasty sourdough bread make up this warm and juicy beauty!



  1. Spread a thin layer of your dairy-free Boursin on one side of both slices of bread (so each slice of bread has one side covered).
  2. On one of the cheese-covered sides, add your tomato slices and season with a bit of salt and pepper.
  3. Top with your pickle slices, and then top with your other slice of bread, cheese-side down. The cheese should be on the inside of the sandwich.
  4. Heat a pan with a drizzle of oil or butter over medium heat.
  5. Add your sandwich and cook on one side until browned, 2-4 minutes.
  6. Carefully flip and cook the other size until browned.
  7. Slice diagonally and enjoy!

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