Vegan Buffalo Tofu Tacos

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A filling, fresh, and spicy taco topped with all the things! Perfect for making-ahead so that mealtime is a breeze.


1 Easy Baked Buffalo Tofu recipe
1 Homemade Whole Wheat Tortilla recipe
2 avocados, mashed
salt + pepper
1 15-oz. can black beans, mashed
handful shredded carrot
1 radish, sliced thin
hot sauce
handful cilantro, minced
squeeze of fresh lime

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  1. You can make the tofu in advance! Bake it and put it in the fridge overnight. Then just pop it in the oven until heated through. Tortillas are best fresh but can also be made in advance and heated through the next day.
  2. Season your mashed avocado with salt and pepper. Spread a thin layer of mashed avocado on each tortilla. Add black beans, carrot, tofu, radishes, hot sauce, and cilantro. Add a squeeze of lime juice and serve! Perfect with tortilla chips. Just sayin’.

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